Our Team


We work with many different riggers, makers, photography and metal workers throughout the years. but these are the main movers and shakers of Parasol Carousel.

Please get in touch if you would like to join or rigging team.


Stephanie Reeves

Stephanie was co-founder of Parasol Carousel and is the main point of contact for this sculptural business. Her background is in Giant Puppetry and Community Arts. ( StephPuppets and Arts Enlarge CIC ) but loves the kinetic properties of them and reactions the Parasols have with people. Please see link to her puppetry work below.


Tracey Graham

Tracey (Rubbish Artist) isn't just the original co-inventer of this installation but an outstanding maker of all things. She is a sculpture and runs a events decor business, all using recycled or found materials. (Click link below to see her work) Tracey still works on the Parasols in-between her flourishing sculptural career.


Mat Reynolds (Wren)

Mat (Wren) has been part of the team from the very start. We wanted to make the lighting system for them 12 volt using the rays of the sun rather than mains electric. Wren is a wizz with solar electrics so created the parasol lighting system. He is also a brilliant photography and filmmaker ( he made our film). Wren is cheif rigger and knower of all things Parasol Carousel.